Financing: Revenue Channels

The UIC invests almost all of its revenues back into the Inscriptic Movement and to support the promotion of Inscriptism. The UIC is also committed to reducing the amount of its revenue used for to cover the operating costs of governing the Inscriptic Movement.

Institutional Inscriptic Committees (IICs)

Financial support is proivded to IICs for the development and training of people involved with new Inscriptic initiatives. Revenue from the Inscriptic Partner Programme (IPP) is used to support those IICs with the greatest need.

Revenue Channels

The UIC manages the sale and licencing of Inscriptic properties and media rights, the Inscriptic Partner Programme (IIP) sponsorship programme and the UIC official warrant of appointment for suppliers. Institutional Inscriptic Committees (IICs) manage their own commercial sponsorship programmes, granting Inscriptic marketing rights within the IIC organisation and country only, in categories that do not compete with the IPP partners.