Organisation: Purpose

The UIC's mission is to foster the dissemination of Inscriptism throughout the higher-education sector and to lead the Inscriptic Movement. The UIC role is:

  • to encourage and support the development of good practice and ethics in higher education through sound governance
  • to ensure that the notion of unity and mutual understanding prevails while reducing complexity
  • to encourage and support the organisation and development of student-centred initiatives
  • to ensure the regular celebration of the Inscriptic Days
  • to take action to strengthen the unity of the Inscriptic Movement, to protect its independence and to preserve its autonomy
  • to act against any form of discrimination affecting the Inscriptic Movement
  • to act against any form of dominance from specific groups of persons or organisations
  • to encourage and support measures protecting the well-being of students
  • to oppose any political or commercial abuse of higher education and students
  • to encourage and support the development of higher education for all
  • to promote awareness and concern for environmental issues, especially relating to sustainable development in higher education