Organisation: Administration

The United Inscriptic Committee (UIC) is a universal non-governmental and not-for-profit organisation of perpetual existence. Its primary interest is to unify all members of the Inscriptic Family, from individuals to partners, and to champion new programme and project initiatives. It supports and encourages the IICs and other allied members through the appropriate means, oversees the celebration of the Inscriptic Days, and ensures the principles and values of Inscriptism are upheld.

The administration of the UIC includes:

  • Developing frameworks and tools for IICs and allied members
  • Liason with the IICs and recognised entities
  • Dissemination of information within the Inscriptic Movement
  • Advice to candidate institutions
  • Building relationships with governmental and non-govermental organisations

The administration of the UIC also serves the organisation through business units such as Marketing and Fundraising, Information Technology, and Legal Affairs.