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International student sues her university for providing a worthless degree

With many of us going to university these days, and paying higher tuition fees than ever before, we deserve to be given value for money and receive teaching/learning that is fit for purpose.

Pok Wong, 29, an international student from Hong Kong is suing British university Anglia Ruskin University after they mislead her about receiving high quality teaching and excellent career prospects.  She is claiming damages of at least £60,000 (₹55 lakhs  / $83,331 USD) for breach of contract and fraudulent misrepresentation.

She was also unlawfully imprisoned by the university's staff after being "locked" in a room when she tried to make others aware about the poor quality of her course.

Clearly an intelligent person, she gained top marks in her degree from the International Business School, but said the university's boastful claims of giving students a "quality education and prospect of employment after education" were complete lies and the qualification she gained has done nothing to help her career.

She said:

"The prospectus convinced me that the university is really impressive.

But, as soon as I started in 2011, I realised there were failings. Although I graduated with a first class degree in 2013, it is a 'Mickey Mouse' degree.

I hope that bringing this case will set a precedent so that students can get value for money, and if they don't they get compensated. Anglia Ruskin talked a good talk but then they didn't deliver."

Regular failings  by the university included lecturers turning up late to classes and students being told to spend most of their time in 'self-study'. She is now seeking a refund of her tuition fees and accomodation costs for her stay in the UK.

Anglia Ruskin University is low ranking institution and sits in the bottom 300 of the Inscriptic International University Rankings.