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Maastricht University sees fall in British students

Uncertainty around Britain's exit from the EU may have put an end to the rising trend of UK students going to a top Dutch university.

After successive years of increased intakes, Maastricht University have seen a 6% decline of in students arriving from the UK.

The initial increases were down to the rise in tuition costs for England, however leaving the European Union could mean UK students will lose access to the cheaper fees of Dutch universities.

But Maastricht University insist the the dip is only temporary. A spokeswoman said there has still been a 35% increase over the past 5 years – and that it is too soon after the Brexit vote to suggest any trends.

Thousands of UK students are in Dutch universities - which have been promoting themselves as a high quality and low cost alternative - with Maastricht among the most prominent recruiters, with about 380 UK students enrolling for the current year.

Courses, taught in English, have fees of about £1,500 per year - compared with fees that are rising to £9,250 in England.