Solidarity Suite™ Features

Dispute Resolution & Case Management

Effortless administration of academic appeal and complaint cases.

Prioritise Cases

Meet service level targets and avoid guesswork by prioritising and routing cases. Cases can be queued and routed based on their level of urgency to maintain high customer satisfaction levels.

Assign Responsibility

Track performance and improve communication by assigning an customer service agent to a specific case.

Create Notes And Appointments

Easily add notes and appointments that can be responded to and retrieved instantly alongside the case itself.

Collaborate With Departments and Faculties

Involve faculties in the dispute resolution process by allowing them to respond to information with not only text but also supporting evidence.

Work With The Ombudsman

With ombudsman integration the entire case can be observed end-to-end. Every party is aware of their position and can track progress together.

Upload Evidence

Supporting evidence can be uploaded at the same time as submitting an appeal or complaint. Evidence can be provided by all parties including the student, faculty, and university.

Interaction Management (CRM)

Craft the student experience with an unparalleled customer engagement and touchpoint management platform

See Everyone In The Same Place

All your customers are in one place to give you a complete view of their journeys and interactions with the institution.

Get Instant Notifications

Whenever a dispute changes status or any other activity takes place, the customer can choose to be automatically informed by e-mail or SMS. With instant notifications you can drastically reduce customer and third-party

Turn Enquiries Into Applications

Find new opportunities and increase conversion rates across faculties and departments.

Maintain A Pro-Active Alumni

Keep in touch with your customers beyond their time at your institution with alumni management facilities.

Inscriptic Talentpath™

The world's first peer group comparison and achievement measurement application for students

Compare Results

Find new motivation and improve your performance by comparing assessment results with others on your course and across other institutions.

See Achievements And Aims

Talentpath™ shows your achievements so far and what it'll take to get to where you want to be.

Monitor Your Attendance

Keep track of your attendance rate at lectures, field-trips, tutorials and see where you can take corrective action.

Analytics Dashboard Console

Uncover insights and reasons, not just numbers, from information centred around the customer.

Advanced Control Surface

The control surface of the dashboard console delivers unprecedented access to institution metrics and analytics from a central point. Both powerful and easy to use, you can find what you want without the need for a data analyst.