Inscriptic Solidarity Suite™

A new standard for world-class institutions

Welcome to Solidarity Suite — the world's most human-centered ecosystem for higher education. Reduce appeals and complaints, engage with students to improve retention, and discover new ways to help attract the next generation of talent.


Find out why Inscriptic Solidarity Suite is starting to be used by some of the world's most prestigious universities, colleges, and education providers in the world.


With an overarching holistic design principle, institutions can improve the human experience by addressing a person's needs along their entire journey, and purposefully connect people to each other.

21st century application

You'll always have access to the latest applications whatever device you use. Updates and upgrades are automatically done for you so you never skip a beat.

Unmistakable craftsmanship

Every detail has been perfected with international engineers to create an exquisite environment for you to work in. Using completely modern thinking and technology, Solidarity Suite has been forged exclusively for world-class institutions that operate like no other.

It's free

Solidarity Suite is provided free of charge to IIC institutions.

Academic Dispute Resolution and Case Management

Dispute Resolution & Case Management

Full case management facilities for student appeals, complaints and other issues requiring redress. Oversee and resolve disputes with sophisticated features such as evidence uploads, faculty collaboration, and instant messaging.

Customer Relationship Management for Higher Education

Interaction Management

Manage the student lifecycle across multiple touchpoints, from initial enquiry all the way to alumni and beyond. Craft the student experience, develop promotions and incentives, establish trust and build relationships. Solidarity Suite is the world's most powerful customer relationship management (CRM) software for higher education institutions.

Inscriptic Talentpath

Inscriptic Talentpath™

Compare how students are performing against their own peers and across the Inscriptic Family. Use predictive analytics to forecast what it takes to achieve personal goals and objectives.

Analytics Console

With an extended control surface, the powerful dashboard console gives you an intuitive 'hands on' interface to easily see how well your institution is performing without the need for a data analyst. Powered by the latest big data and data science technology.