Benefits of being an IIC

Institutional Inscriptic Committees are recognised constituents of the Inscriptic Movement and have a unique role within the institution in which they serve. Only an IIC can apply for their institution to receive certification from the UIC. IICs ensure that students are getting value for money and that their concerns are being addressed appropriately. It is a great responsibility that comes with an even greater ability to influence how higher-education providers develop and deliver services to their students.

IIC institutions have unique access to Inscriptic properties and resources that enable them to provide students with exceptional services. Students can be confident that studying at an IIC institution will guarantee a high standard of service with easy to understand interfaces, and that should any problems arise that they will be resolved quickly.

IIC institutions offer students an unrivalled experience from the moment they make an enquiry and all the way to through to graduation and alumni. They are trusted by students worldwide and provide dynamic and inspiring facilities in which to nurture the next generations of talent.

Ten reasons to become an IIC institution:

  1. Be considered as the most welcoming and most trustworthy institutions in the higher-education sector
  2. Attract and retain more of the best performing students – not just from the home country but also from around the world
  3. Gain increased visibility and prestige on an international stage
  4. Give students an increased sense of belonging and loyalty to the institution, as well as a 'feel good' spirit
  5. Receive substantially more enquiries, applications, and enrolments from domestic, EU, and international students
  6. Enjoy significant differentiation in a congested marketplace
  7. Exclusive use of Inscriptic properties including the Solidarity Suite™ platform
  8. Contribute towards a lasting legacy for their community, economy, and environments
  9. Increase the popularity and uptake of further and higher education across the home nation
  10. Rediscover your institution's importance and core contributions to society