Institutional Inscriptic Committees (IICs)

Great news - we're now accepting applications from institutions interested in joining the Inscriptic Movement, and your's could be amongst the first to apply! Keen to take your chance to be involved with the next big thing? Get started now.

Securing and delivering the best facilities

IICs transform lives through the power of Inscriptic values. They have a great responsibility of providing facilities in which the finest talent can be nurtured. Implementing state-of-the-art technology, creative learning spaces, and an ethos of mental, physical, and social well-being is just the start.

Supplying extraordinary services and support

One of the principal roles of an IIC is to develop innovative services that are accessible, user-friendly, and elegant. By making intelligent use of people and technology, IIC services deliver real value for its members that leads to a more fulfilling human experience.

Designing with and for people

Everything in an IIC is designed with people to provide benefits for people. This human-centric approach allows IICs to create effective facilities and services that make student lives richer.

Related Facts

  1. Helping millions of students worldwide.
  2. Free UIC tools and products for exclusive use by IIICs.
  3. Over 70% of revenues distributed to supporting those with the greatest need.
  4. Prescise planning and preperation for each new initiative.
  5. Independent of social, political, religious, legal, and commercial bias.
  6. Eligible to host the Inscriptic Days.